Why isn’t this Salesforce Working!? #Dreamforce Sessions

Sometimes when you work with Salesforce it can make you mad! But there is one part of Salesforce that Admin’s seem to avoid which can REALLY help you out. I can understand why they avoid it, but I think it’s one of the most useful parts of Salesforce. Salesforce is on a continual mission to reduce code and increase declarative development, but with that comes added complexities. Why didn’t my workflow or process run? Why did I update an account only to get an error from a completely different object?! In my Dreamforce session “An Admin’s Guide to the Developer Console” I lift the lid on what Salesforce is doing under the hood and how you can see what Salesforce is doing! Want to come along? I did this talk in London as a practice and this was the response: Read more

Want to get your Salesforce Admin Certification?

Salesforce Certified Study Group

One of the reasons that I’m active in both the admin & developer worlds is really to make sure I keep up to date with the declarative side of Salesforce. I remember I had a stretch of about a year when I just developing Apex, VisualForce Javascript etc.. I remember designing a solution in code and then suddenly realised that it could have been done easily declaratively (a common mistake for Salesforce code developers). For me this was my wake up call to continually keep engaged in the declarative side of Salesforce. Read more