Yes, I know, contentious. Our government is imploding and they are now trying to figure out a route to take. Should we take the Canadian, Norwegian or Swiss setup? who knows its up to the experts. But after the initial shock, I’ve now taken a look to see how this affects my life and my work (yes I know selfish me). For me the decision wasn’t so clear cut as it seemed for many others (although I did vote to stay in). But…

The advantage for global/EU Salesforce projects


Now there is no guarantees that the pound will stay down but at the moment it has lost 10% against the dollar and similar drops across other currencies. Its even dropped further than it did during the banking crisis, although that may have been slightly different as the banking crisis affected every market. The graph on the right shows the pound since the 80’s so you can compare how hard its been hit.

So what does it mean to us working in Salesforce? Ok going abroad at the moment is going to cost us 10% more than it did last week. But conversely we’ve have also now become 10% more competitive than we did a week ago. For global projects and companies that work across Europe it could now be cheaper to have your development and implementation done from the UK. We are not going to leave the EU for AT LEAST 2 years. So we still have freedom of movement across the EU, no laws are changing it is the same it was last week, the only difference is we’re now 10% cheaper! Sounds good to me.

Salesforce Licensing

Now this is an interesting one. When I started working in Salesforce, Salesforce sold licenses in Euros & Dollars. Earlier this year Salesforce changed their pricing and made UK licenses more expensive than US licenses. But ironically due to this, its still actually cheaper to buy Salesforce licenses in dollars rather than pounds.

The biggest change for licensing is for anyone in the UK with AppExchange tools that are charged in dollars, these have now increased in cost.

Did we just leave the EU on an EU life-raft?

Now most people may not know but I work in three worlds: Theatre, Salesforce and investing/trading. This next section maybe a little harsh but its my trading side coming out.

Now this point maybe a little more contentious and political but it almost tipped my voting. It all comes down to one question. “Do you think the EU will survive?”. This question hinges on two nations, France and Italy and their debt. Unlike the greek debt being mostly held with other EU countries, French & Italian debt is held more in countries outside the EU. Both France & Italy have slow growth, unemployment, poor public finances, and structural inadequacies. Reform in both countries has been difficult and the political environment seems to be getting increasingly challenging. Italian total real economy debt (government, household and business) is around 259% of GDP, up 55% since 2007, while France’s equivalent debt is around 280% of GDP, up 66%. Now when I look for trades I don’t really trade in companies with more than a 3x debt to cash ratio, ok these are countries but their debt still still huge. Due to this and the size of their economies it would be impossible for Germany and the rest of the EU to bail them out.

If they failed, due to their size they would pull the Euro and potentially the EU down with them. So if you think this could happen on voting on brexit you really had to ask the question “Do you want to be on the EU life-raft or go down with the sinking ship?”. Ok now you could argue that the UK leaving the EU would trigger this to happen anyway but… well.. no comment.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 19.01.57BUT since the decision I’ve been watching the markets closely to see if I can get any indication that the markets think its a sinking ship too.

Now we are in uncertain times and there is no way to know if this is correct and its a simplistic view (I’m not looking at bonds etc). But as of tonight its interesting to see where the markets are at the moment. The FTSE100 has rebounded back and its actually is now 1.58% higher than it was a week ago. But whats interesting is to see how the FTSE compares to the European and world wide markets. The FTSE100 is currently the only market that has re-bounded, even the FTSE350 has. The FTSE-AllShare has rebounded (although not quite as far), yet the French CAC, US S&P & Nasdaq have yet to rebound. Is it coming true? Are the global markets thinking that the EU is in trouble and the UK getting out and becoming another EU safe haven? or is it just a stronger rebound because of a low currency? Who knows, only time will tell.

Where there is change and uncertainty there is opportunity

I don’t know about you, but Brexit has given me a renewed impetus to make something out of the downturn. I’ve also found a new appreciation of the dollar, and wanting more of it :). Outsourcing of projects to the UK are now more competitive. The great thing about Salesforce is you can work on a Salesforce org anywhere in the world, so there are now new opportunities.

If you an AppExchange partner based in the UK (I know quite a few) usually over 50% (for some 80%+) of your sales are in dollars, so they have been doing quite well out of the downturn seeing an increase of at least 5%. But can you jump on the same bandwagon? creating a Salesforce AppExchange app could be a way to getting your hands on the dollar.

Now I hear you say, but that must be really hard? Well yes maybe, but then if you have configured and created apps in your own Salesforce org then you are already creating apps you, just then need to package the app up and publish it. I created an invoicing app and packaged it at a user group meeting this year in under 9 minutes. Ok you will have Sales and marketing to do but to find out more checkout the Salesforce ISV module on Trailhead.

Ok this is me putting a positive spin on our changing situation, but whatever happens, its time to think positive, have a stiff upper lip and say “Tally-Ho” to our changing Europe.


  • 5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness
  • 5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness
  • 5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness
  • 5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness

5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness

It was a small event in the upstairs of ‘Kings Stores‘ pub, near Liverpool Street station, but it was the beginning of a real Salesforce community in London. 23rd June 2011 at 5pm, 5 years ago today around 30 or 40 people squeezed into the upstairs room of the pub for the first London Salesforce Admin & Developer user group. Organised by Wes Nolte, Anup & Bruce the event was tagged onto the end of a Tquila company meeting (from what I remember, they did like to have their meetings in pubs). I did a talk on Talend Open Studio (a free open source ETL tool) and how to connect it to Salesforce. The great ObiWan JeffNobi (Jeff Douglas) who at the time was working for Appirio and had flown over from the US did an unforgettable talk… so good in fact I can’t remember it. Sorry Jeff! Anup did a talk on a dynamic VisualForce component.

But since then we have grown… and grown and we now have seven… yes seven London Salesforce user groups in London:

  1. London Salesforce Business User Group
  2. London Salesforce Admin User Group
  3. UK Non-Profit User Group
  4. London Salesforce Developer user group
  5. Women in Tech Salesforce user group
  6. Salesforce UK Public Sector User Group
  7. Pardot User group

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It was 5.40pm and my phone was ringing. I didn’t know it at the time but this was going to be one of “those calls”, I’d had one last year too. My friend had just left the bank after being grilled by them for 5 hours. The day previously someone had entered the bank, confirmed their identity and proceeded to clear out all her bank accounts and investments. The bank had thought that the thief had come back to finish off the job, thinking it was her they grilled her for 5 hours. The bank, in the end, managed to recover about half of her money but the rest had gone.

We had a chat and it came to me quite quickly that over the past month or so, someone had been slowly gathering information on her (hindsight is a terrible thing). Her phone went missing for a day only to reappear, the strange phone calls from “Microsoft Support”. All of which may have rung alarm bells for someone who had been trained in CyberSecurity but unfortunately she hadn’t, but that isn’t surprising. Only 15% of employees are trained in CyberSecurity.

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This month’s Admin user group was hosted by Slalom a US consultancy that has just created an office in London. Thanks Slalom for a great venue overlooking the Thames!

London Salesforce Admin User Group at Slalom

London Salesforce Admin User Group at Slalom

First we had Andy talking about Slalom. Slalom is a US based consultancy that has only recently moved over to the EU with their first office in London. First up was Matt with his Chatter talk. Have to say it was really interesting! How do you get analytics on who has viewed chatter groups or feeds and surface chatter analytics as a global VisualForce action, kinda neat.

Then we had Matt with his Chatter talk “I didn’t know chatter could do that”.

Matt Morris Kicking us off with "I didn't know chatter could do that"

Matt Morris Kicking us off with “I didn’t know chatter could do that”

Have to say it was really interesting! How do you get analytics on who has viewed chatter groups or feeds? Then with the analytics you have gained how do you visualise that to all your users? via a global VisualForce action of course :) kinda neat. I’ve actually been working on a chatter project myself recently had have come up with similar limitations.



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Join the conversation on LinkedIn

David Giller from Brainiate. Online or In Person?

David Giller from Brainiate. Online or In Person?

When David Giller from Brainate asked “Salesforce Training… Online or In Person?” on LinkedIn I couldn’t stop myself from replying.


I very much believe training is just one part of being at brilliant at your job: Read More


Trailhead has released some rather nautical Trailheads so that you can navigate the differentiators that drive Salesforce’s success: our core values, innovative technology, and vibrant ecosystem.


Salesforce Success Model

Learn who Salesforce is and our vision for driving customer success.

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I am TOTALLY overjoyed to see eight new EU Salesforce MVPs!! Especially as several of them I mentored! I still remember when all the EU MVPs rocked up to the Salesforce London big Cloudforce event. There were just 4 of us, now 26 of us (I think). We’ve also added Italy & Israel to the countries that now have a Salesforce MVP in them. I’m also relieved that I was renewed this year as well. I’m now a 5x or 6x Salesforce MVP… I’ve lost count :)

The Salesforce MVP Programme is a programme run by Salesforce to award people in the community for their Accessibility, Expertise, Responsiveness, Leadership & Advocacy in Salesforce. If you want to learn about how Salesforce awards and MVP they have recently created a blog about the whole process!

And now for the new MVPs:

Mohamed El Moussaoui

Mohamed El Moussaoui

Mohamed El Moussaoui – France   
Mohamed & Fabien run the Paris Dev user group. They were both over from France for London’s Calling a couple of weeks ago and I was REALLY hoping this year would be the year they made MVP. They run the Paris user group for quite a while and they are both great guys!!



Fabien Taillon

Fabien Taillon – France   
Fabien did a talk at London’s Calling when he was over and its well worth a watch! “Style your application with Lightning Experience Look & Feel using SLDS


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Missed London’s Calling? Checkout the video above! But this is how it all started…

It all really kicked off just before Dreamforce 2015 with Jodi Wagner, Simon Goodyear, Louise Lockie, Kerry Townsend & several bottles of Champagne. We were sitting around the table and the conversation turned to something I think we had all been mulling over for some time. The creation of an event for the Salesforce community, BY the Salesforce community. An event where we could learn from community experts in Salesforce who had been at the coal face. An event that wasn’t a Sales event, but an event for Salesforce Admins & Developers designed to help us learn from each other and find out about new Apps in the Salesforce ecosystem whilst have fun doing it! :) Needless to say, Will Coleman turned up and more Champagne was drunk and then…

London's Calling Napkin

London’s Calling Napkin

London’s Calling was born… Our first rough sketch of the event (on the back of a napkin) consisted of a two-day event, this quickly reduced down to one day. Let’s “start small” and see what happens, hey no one may turn up!

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Brent Downey has created a brilliant post on Salesforce’s new “Duplicate Management” tool. But one of the obvious features that is missing is being able to change the columns that the user sees when the Duplicate Management finds a match. For example, if you are matching on (e.g.) the contact name and city, when you find matching records only the contact name and city are displayed in the matching table, and there is no option to change this, which can be a real pain! I want to see the company name, address, etc. So I can tell if an actual duplicate or not. But there is a solution that I mentioned in my “Data Tips, Tricks & Strategy” session at Dreamforce 2015.

Fake your Matching rule

Brent did a great post on how to setup Duplicate Management, but I’m just going to focus on the matching rule. Based on my example above if I wanted to create a matching rule to match contacts with a similar First Name and Last Name I would create a matching rule that looks like the following:

First Matching Rules

Duplicate Management > Matching Rule; Matching on Contact First name & Last name

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NOTE: The competition has now ended but Trailhead is still just as cool :)

Trailhead has just launched some new modules on Trailhead. I’ve just completed the ‘Battle Station’ module and if you also complete it before 31st Dec, you will be entered into a draw to win either Playstation 4’s, Sphero Robots or Remote Controlled quadcopters!

Trailhead is a FANTASTIC way to learn Salesforce. We have at work ‘Trailhead Tuesday’s‘ where we sit down at lunch and battle to get as many badges as we can in a calendar month! It’s been going really well. Check them out!

Build a Battle Station App

This is a project rather than a module as its a bit more involved than just a module. But if you do this before 31st you can win prizes!

Build a Battle Station App

Do the Project now Read More

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