An Admin’s Guide to the Developer Console

Why isn’t my Workflow working? Why doesn’t my validation work? Help is at hand in the Developer Console. Join us to learn how to read Salesforce Debug Logs to really see what’s happening when you update or create that record.


Why isn’t this Salesforce Working!? #Dreamforce Sessions

Sometimes when you work with Salesforce it can make you mad! But there is one part of Salesforce that Admin’s seem to avoid which can REALLY help you out. I can understand why they avoid it, but I think it’s one of the most useful parts of Salesforce. Salesforce is on a continual mission to reduce code and increase declarative development, but with that comes added complexities. Why didn’t my workflow or process run? Why did I update an account only to get an error from a completely different object?! In my Dreamforce session “An Admin’s Guide to the Developer Console” I lift the lid on what Salesforce is doing under the hood and how you can see what Salesforce is doing! Want to come along? I did this talk in London as a practice and this was the response: Read more

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Salesforce UK User Groups

This blog post is now out of date. There are now many more user groups in the UK and across Europe. Check out the post 5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness for a more up to date list

Salesforce user groups are a great place to pick up tips and tricks on how to use Salesforce, apps that you didn’t realise existed or even just to network with other gurus in the industry to get your questions answered.

There are two types of user groups. The normal user groups for Salesforce administrators and users and the developer user groups for people building or wanting to build on the Salesforce platforms.

There is quite a bit going on in the UK Salesforce Community over the next couple of months so here is a run down of the Salesforce user groups in the UK and where to find more information:

London User Group
This is the largest user groups in the country with around 100+ people turning up. Typical structure is a couple talks one being a customer and another being a partner then three breakout sessions to choose from after.
General info: Success Chatter Group
Next event: 15th October – BlueFin, London, SE1

London Developer User Group
There are a couple of different events we do from regular meetings with discussions to hands on training getting people into the platform and collaborate code hacking events.
General Info: London Salesforce Developers Meetup Page
Next event: 23rd Oct – Make Positive

London Non-Profit User Group
This user group is typically a half day event and is great for Non-profit users, consultants and partners to come together and discuss topics specific to Non-profits.
General Info: Success Chatter Group
Next user group meeting: 11th Oct

Bristol ForceWest User Group
Based in Bristol this user group is run by Salesforce partner Desynit.
Discussion: Success Chatter Group
More info:
Next user group meeting: 26th Sept

Bristol Salesforce Platform Developer user group
General info: Meetup group
Next user group meeting: 6th Nov

North West User Group
This is a new user group that is starting up in Manchester.
More info: Success Chatter Group
Next user group meeting: 26th Sept

Scotland User Group
Checkout the Success chatter group for more information.