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Event Financing and Sponsorship, learning the hard way

We had no money, no experience running tech events, no speakers and 4 months to get the event up and running. But before reality set in we were sitting on a pier in San Francisco just before Dreamforce 2015 thinking it would be oh so easy!… or maybe it was the champagne that was talking?

I was invited to do a talk on Financing and sponsorship. I had only just got off the plane from New Zealand so I am a little jetlagged but hopefully, it’s useful for other people running tech events. Thanks to the rest of the winning LC2016 team: Jodi, Simon and Kerry


Event Financing and Sponsorship, learning the hard way

Sitting around a table, Francis teamed up with three colleagues and decided London needed a Salesforce Tech event. They had never put a tech event on at this scale, had no money, no one really knew them, had no speakers, didn’t know if anyone would turn up and had 4 months to make it. In the end, they sold out with 97.6% of people saying it exceeded their expectations and sponsors were saying that it was one of the best events they had been too.

This is a talk on lessons Francis and the team learnt in financing and sponsoring the event.

Watch this session online!