London Feb Awesome Admin Meetup

Warm your hearts with the glow of friendly community and stimulate your brain with superstar Salesforce content at our February meeting.

Thanks to TES Global for hosting and to MC Partners for sponsoring the hospitality.


6:00pm – Doors open

6:30pm – Welcome

6:35pm – Demystifying Reports [Laura Walker]

7:05pm – Break The Rules: Create a Custom Setting to Disable Validation Rules [Julia Doctoroff]

7:15pm – Break

7:35pm – London’s Calling Review [Francis Pindar]

7:45pm – London’s Calling Highlight: How to Navigate Your Way Through the Build Phase Without Losing Your Mind [Amanda Beard-Neilson]

8:15pm – Some drinks, some chat, and a leisurely goodbye…

Administration, Videos

Tools & Tips for a Salesforce Org Review/Audit “Francis’ Five Minute Feature”

My “Salesforce five minute feature” comes to the interweb!

I’ve been doing these at the London user groups for some time but after a great suggestion from someone I’m going to slowly be putting them online.

The general idea is me presenting a feature or bit of functionality that maybe not be well used in Salesforce. Then within 5 minutes demo it.

So here is the one I did this month. Salesforce Org Reviews! Enjoy! Read more