Salesforce Saturday London

Salesforce Saturdays were started (I believe) by Stephanie Herrera who would meet up with like-minded Salesforce people to learn the platform on a Saturday. She started meeting in coffee shops and slowly as the group increased in size and they would hunt out a bigger coffee shop. Since then Salesforce Saturdays have been setup across the globe as an informal way to learn Salesforce. Some of the things that people get up to are:

  • Catching up on the latest Salesforce Release
  • Study for a Salesforce Certification or Release exam
  • Take Trailhead badges or Super-badges
  • Get help troubleshooting a formula or Apex trigger
  • Help answer questions on Salesforce Success, Developer Forums or StackExchange
  • Answer questions on the #AskForce Twitter hashtag
  • Help your peers to any of the above!

So… I was thinking that maybe we should try a Salesforce Saturday in London! Hopefully, if people are interested in it we could make it a regular monthly event. The first event is on 16th December starting from 9.30am until 1.30pm. But unlike a user group if you can’t make it for 9.30am or have somewhere to go at lunch, don’t worry. Just pop in/out when you can. If people are interested we could also grab some lunch nearby!

The event is in a room at Wimbledon Library which is just a 15-minute train from London Waterloo Station, or you can also get to Wimbledon via the District Line or Tram. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided and the library has super-fast internet!

Make sure you bring your laptop and you can sign up below!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Salesforce Saturday! Come find out more & learn!

Saturday, Dec 16, 2017, 9:30 AM

Wimbletech, Wimbledon Library, Wimbledon,
Wimbledon Hill Road, SW19 7NB London, GB

1 Members Attending

This is the first “Salesforce Saturday’s” event. is a CRM tool used by businesses to improve their customer experience and back office processes. If you use Salesforce every day as an Admin, Developer or business user… or know nothing about it! Pop down for an informal event as we use Salesforce Trailhead to learn Salesforce togeth…

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The Mystery of Salesforce Connect Custom Apex Extensions and the Missing video

So I wonder if anyone can answer a question that has been bugging me for months…

So Salesforce records breakout sessions at Dreamforce, and for the last couple of years, I’ve been doing a lot of theatre sessions, which don’t get recorded. So I was a little bit excited to know that one of my Dreamforce 2016 sessions had been selected to be a workshop session! Whoopie! A video’ed session and it’s going online! In the end, Salesforce started recording theatre sessions at Dreamforce 2016 as well so the majority of my sessions were recorded which was brilliant.


For some reason, Salesforce never uploaded my “Integration with Salesforce Connect and Custom Connectors” session. It never made it to the 2016 Dreamforce Developer Sessions site.

So I contacted Salesforce thinking it may have been a mistake, a couple of people did a hunt for me but couldn’t find anything conclusive.

Present > Get Feedback > Improve > Repeat

The main reason I want to know is you can only improve your public speaking with feedback. I want to know what didn’t work. I want to know why people did or didn’t engage with it. So I need your help. Could you take a look at the video and see if you can figure out why Salesforce didn’t put this video up? A couple of ideas:

  1. “The talk that was too radical for Salesforce” – I did say things which may not be the real purpose of Salesforce Connect, but in my opinion, it makes Connect a much more powerful tool than people think.
  2. “Salesforce doesn’t like product placement” – I did mention two non-Salesforce products, both of which I had contacted and one of which was a Salesforce partner anyway.
  3. “I was talking rubbish” – Maybe there are things I said that were incorrect? if so I would love to know.
  4. “They just made a mistake and forgot the video” This is probably the most likely explanation but without knowing its a bit hard to tell.
  5. “Maybe it wasn’t very good, and they don’t put bad quality sessions up” – Now with 100% of people on the session survey recommending the session for next year and 4.86 out of 5 score, one of the highest for all developer talks, I don’t think it’s that.

Take a look for yourself and see if any of these are right, I’d love to know!