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Salesforce left nav hacks now unavailable? Not yet…

Well over a year ago Salesforce announced that they were going to retire slowly the “Left Navigation Hacks” in Salesforce. In the Summer 15 this took a next step of stopping the execution of JavaScript in homepage HTML components. This allowed developers to inject JavaScript code into the Salesforce left navigation to allow them to manipulate more or less any part of the Salesforce desktop user interface. This had positive uses too like allowing app providers like PostcodeAnywhere to dynamically search and clean addresses while the Salesforce user was entering information and not on save of the record. Read more

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Thou shalt not leave the Salesforce critical updates until the last minute!

When I do org reviews its amazing how many people ignore the critical updates in Salesforce. You know that little pop-up box that says “You have critical updates do you want to view them? Yes | No?”, this appears when a new critical update gets added to your org (search for ‘critical updates’ in the setup menu), and with the Summer ’15 release there are a few new ones and one may need particular attention for some of us.

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