Get Salesforce Certified

The following are online courses I’ve created to help you get a kick start on your Salesforce career.

  • Accessible on Mobile or Tablet
  • Lifetime access
  • Certification courses have mock exams
  • Q&A though out the course to ask me questions if you get stuck


Salesforce 101

Don’t know what Salesforce is? Don’t know even what a CRM is? I go through the different Salesforce clouds and history of the company. I also review the rates of pay you could expect from different parts of the world and different roles.
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Salesforce Certified Administrator

Want to take things to the next level? My Salesforce Certified Administrator puts you on track to getting your certification with practice questions throughout the course and a mock test at the end. This course is closely linked to the course syllabus but by the end you will have a good overview of the Salesforce platform really to take your exam.
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Debugging for Salesforce Administrators & Developers

This course is for those who are experienced Administrators who want to take their debugging of Salesforce to the next level.
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