SharePad News Highlighter

I’m an active SharePad user but one key feature that is really missing is the ability to highlight keywords in company reports and news so you can quickly drill down to the important information in the news. So I’ve created a Chrome Extension to highlight keywords in SharePad news.


  1. Install the SharePad News Highlighter Chrome Extension.
  2. Go to a News article in SharePad
  3. Click the Text in the news article and keywords will be highlighted with different colours based on their importance. Eg RED for potentially bad information, GREEN for good.

The Current Keywords are:


  • difficult
  • challenging
  • down by
  • unpredictable
  • lower
  • poor
  • difficult trading
  • tough
  • below expectations
  • deficit


  • in line with expectations
  • cash
  • exceeding expectations


  • favourable
  • profit up
  • excellent


  • debt
  • covenants
  • borrowings

If you find it useful please let me know as if it is I will develop it a bit more to allow users to customise the words and highlight colour.

Install the Chrome Extension