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Salesforce MVP Blogs… the list

Some of the most influential & knowledgeable Salesforce people in the world are Salesforce MVPs. They have a phenomenal amount of knowledge on Salesforce. So for me keeping an eye on Salesforce MVP blogs keeps me up to date with the latest goings on in the Salesforce ecosystem.

So here is my list of Salesforce MVP Blogs. I have to say when I started it I thought it wouldn’t take too long… BOY there is a lot of MVPs now! Some MVPs don’t blog as much as they focus their attention on user groups and other social networks but I’ve included everyone I know… I think.

I post the best blog posts from MVPs to my twitter.  Follow me to check them out!

If you are looking for non-MVP blogs, checkout Salesforce Ben’s Ultimate Salesforce Blog list.

This is not quite finished but I’ll try and keep this list up to date with new MVP Blogs. Please let me know if I have missed anyone!
UPDATES: 30th June 2016 – Added Matt Lacy 22nd Dec – Added Peter Knolle. 11th Sept – Added Simon Goodyear & tabs as the lists were getting big! 3rd Sep – Added Paul Battisson, Phil Walton.  1st Sept – Added Kevin Poorman, Kieren Jameson, Andy Boettcher

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