Why Brexit is good for Salesforce

Yes, I know, contentious. Our government is imploding¬†and they are now trying to figure out a route to take. Should we take the Canadian, Norwegian or Swiss setup? who knows its up to the experts. But after the initial shock, I’ve now taken a look to see how this affects my life and my work (yes I know selfish me). For me the decision wasn’t so clear cut as it seemed for many others (although I did vote to stay in). But…

The advantage for global/EU Salesforce projects


Now there is no guarantees that the pound will stay down but at the moment it has lost 10% against the dollar and similar drops across other currencies. Its even dropped further than it did during the banking crisis, although that may have been slightly different as the banking crisis affected every market. The graph on the right shows the pound since the 80’s so you can compare how hard its been hit.

So what does it mean to us working in Salesforce? Ok going abroad at the moment is going to cost us 10% more than it did last week. But conversely we’ve have also now become 10% more competitive than we did a week ago. For global projects¬†and companies that work across Europe it could now be cheaper to have your development and implementation done from the UK. We are not going to leave the EU for AT LEAST 2 years. So we still have freedom of movement across the EU, no laws are changing it is the same it was last week, the only difference is we’re now 10% cheaper! Sounds good to me. Read more