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The Salesforce Learning Week!

What a year! It’s around this time of year when I would be heading to Dreamforce (Salesforce’s biggest event of the year) to meet up with students and present some sessions on something to do with Salesforce :). Nothing beats meeting up and collaborating and learning from each other, so hoping next year will be a blast!!

I passed my Salesforce Non-Profit Certification, really interesting certification and I was really quite blown away by the power of it and hows it’s come on over the year. Combine this with charities/non-profits getting 10 free licenses from Salesforce and you really do have a powerful solution!

Welcome to the 1000s of people that decided to take the plunge to learn more about Salesforce last month! Also congrats to the 100s of people that also passed their Salesforce Certified Administrator certifications!! It’s great to see the messages from people who have passed please let me know! Also if you didn’t pass this time please reach out I’m here to help!

But onto the learning news. Next week is a BIG learning week and I also have some announcements too!!


So rather than you coming to Dreamforce, Salesforce is coming to you and from 17th December 2020, Salesforce is running a load of online sessions and have channels relating too Admin, Architect, Developer, Ecosystem, and Learning & Community. Best of all it’s FREE! I know the Salesforce Evangelist teams have been working really hard so really looking forward to this event!

My Session Top Picks:

Just a note that a number of these sessions are repeated, so if the time doesn’t suit you or you have a clash have a search and you may find it at another time:

  • Customising Layouts & Actions with AppBuilder – AppBuilder has really come on in the last couple of years and there is loads more innovation coming in this space! If you are an Admin this is well work swatting up on!
  • Innovate Fast with AI in the Salesforce Platform – I’ve been working with Einstein quite a bit this year and seeing how it can generate additional revenue for a business is really quite something! Well worth a look!
  • Snowflake’s Data Cloud – I’ve been working with Snowflake quite a bit recently. It’s a data warehouse and Salesforce has a number of tools/features that allow you to integrate to Snowflakes data cloud. Brian from Tableau is also in this session so we should see some great visualisations from Tableau too (a recent acquisition by Salesforce).
  • Your Entire Business, Instantly Mobile – In the post COVID world having a workforce that can work remotely and on mobiles/tablets is going to be important. See how you can effortlessly using the range of mobile offerings by Salesforce.
  • Ask the Experts Live Q&A: Developer Experience – I’ve been on the panel of several of these Live Q&A sessions over the years at Dreamforce and is a great opportunity to ask questions of the experts!
  • App Development with Salesforce DX – If you are an Admin or Developer DX can give you the power to develop efficiently on the platform and push changes to different environments. Well worth checking out!
  • Lightning Web Components Overview – This is Salesforce’s new development framework for creating components on the platform. If you are a developer new to Salesforce this is well worth checking out.
  • Getting to Know Delete Flow Trigger – Flow is one of Salesforce process tools and they have recently introduced the ability to fire flows when a record is deleted. Well worth checking this out!
  • AppExchange Demo Jam– I’ve presented this session a couple of times at Dreamforce and I think it’s brilliant! It’s a great way to see a load of different AppExchange products in a very compressed time, you can really see the power of the Salesforce platform and what you can do watching this!


London’s Calling

Save the Date: 19th March 2021

So I co-run a Salesforce event called London’s Calling. Generally, it’s an in-person and online event with around 6 tracks of sessions across architecture, admin, developer and marketing. This year we had to move the whole event online and next year we are doing the same! I’ve also put all the content up from our 2020 event which is FREE to access on YouTube.

My Session Top picks:

I will be giving away a limited amount of free online tickets to this event so please sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know!


I finally leave you with this… There is no Nativity this year because the 3 Wise Men face a travel ban. The shepherds have been furloughed. The Innkeeper has shut under their 3 regulations and had a slump in bookings. Father Christmas won’t be working as he would break the rule of 6 with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donner and Blitzen. As for Rudolph, with that red nose, he should be isolating and taking a test!!

Have a great Christmas & New Year!

Stay Safe.


  • The Salesforce Learning Week!

    What a year! It’s around this time of year when I would be heading to Dreamforce (Salesforce’s biggest event of the ...
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