Salesforce Saturday London is a CRM tool used by businesses to improve their customer experience and back office processes. If you use Salesforce every day as an Admin, Developer or business user… or know nothing about it! Pop down for an informal event as we learn Salesforce together. Then if people are interested, we’ll head out for lunch too.

The cost of the event covers the sandwiches and drinks for lunch. Thanks to WimbleTech for providing a venue for the event! When registering you can let us know your dietary requirements.

Some things you might do while your here:
* Catch up on release notes
* Study for a certification or release exam
* Trailhead badges and superbadges
* Get help troubleshooting a formula or trigger
* Answer questions in Success, Dev Forums, and/or StackExchange
* Answer questions posted on Twitter (#askforce)
* Help your peers do any of the above!


10:30 am – Introduction to Salesforce Trailhead & CRM; Getting setup (This is in the ** Banner Room in Wimbledon Tech Zone 2 ** access via Alexandra Road).

11:30 am – Move to Library room meeting rooms (at the back of the main Wimbledon Library). Continue working on Trailhead badges.

12.30pm – LUNCH arrives

2.30pm – Wrap up

No experience is necessary, and you don’t need to stay for the whole event, pop in or out whenever you like.



Coming at 10:30am?
Head down Alexandra Road and behind Wimbledon library is a building called Wimbledon Tech Zone 2, come in and upstairs to the room called “Banner”.

Coming at 11:30 am?
The event is in a room at the back of ‘Wimbledon Library’. Enter the library and go right to the back and there is a door on the right-hand side into the meeting rooms. Wimbledon Library is a 2min walk from Wimbledon Station.


Lunch will be a cold lunch of sandwiches, drinks etc. Please let us know when signing up any dietary needs.


The Power of One: The best reporting trick of all time!

I had the honour of speaking at the Salesforce World Tour this year with the amazing Stefanie Bialas. She showed us the power of “The Power of One”, this is her blog on really how powerful it is!

Superpower Salesforce with the Power of One

Yeaahh, you’ve managed to build some excellent reports monitoring the pipeline of your company or also enabling marketing to contact all your prospects in the DB. And suddenly someone comes along and asks “How many opportunities do we actually have in the pipeline? The record count seems way to high” or “That’s awesome, now I can contact all our prospects. How many companies do we actually contacts?”. So how to address this in order to answer those questions?

You’ve probably noticed by then that the record count for reports like Opportunities with Products or Contacts and Accounts count the total number of child records associated with the parent record. So for opportunities, this is, for example, the sum of each product line item. Or a number of contacts associated with each account. How can you do this now to have a record count of the parent record, counting every record only ones? The answer is, use the Power of One!

Simply described the Power of One is a custom formula which you best create on each object and holds simply the value 1. When you sum it up in a report, 1 will be the result for each line item.
Here now a step by step guide helping you to setup the Power of One. I am taking the account and contact example to demonstrate this here but this works in the same way for all the other objects.
Go to your setup menu and select the object you’d like to count each record separately of. Create a new field:


For Step 2, fill in a name for your newly created field in “Field Label”. With tab, a field name will be created automatically. Number is what you should select as formula return type with zero decimals.

With next you will go to step 3. Now you get to write your formula which will be used to calculate the value you’d like to have displayed in your newly created field. Think again of what the purpose of this field is, we simply want to count the parent record only ones within our reports. And therefore all you need to insert into the formula canvas is 1 as a number:

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now save your newly created field and test it out. For the test go to your report tab and select for our example here “Contacts and Accounts” as a report type.  As usual first select the records you want to look at, then group the account field. Now your report will look like this:

As you can see the record count next to each account name counts the number of contacts associated with each account. That’s great to tell how many contacts we will have and can contact, but we won’t be able to answer the question of our Marketing Director how many companies we are contacting this way. Now your newly created superpower formula comes into place. Add it from the side panel with the quick find and drop it onto your report builder. Hoover over your field to open up the menu for the field and select “Summarize This Field”. You will get a window as shown below:

Check the checkbox “Sum” and click on apply. Now save and run your report to see the magic. When you scroll to the very bottom of your page you will now see two numbers. One being the classic record count as we know it, in this case counting each contact held in the report. And a second one which is the SUM of the Power of One for each individual account record. This number is logically lower (or the same) than the total count of the child records and gives you the total of accounts in your report. Yeeaahh!

Now share this with your manager and make yourself a well-deserved coffee.

Stefanie Bialas | ステファニ ビアラス

Marketing Operations Europe | NTT Europe




Slides from the World Tour London:

London’s Salesforce World Tour

The ‘Salesforce World Tour London’ is Salesforce’s largest Sales event in London. This yearly event has sponsors, talks and workshops throughout the day. Last year I was invited to do a couple of talks at the event its always a great event with simply loads of people there. They had a trailhead zone which is a great place to pick the brains of Salesforce gurus and get free advice!


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London’s Calling 2017

The largest European Salesforce Community event is coming back to London. I’m one of the co-organisers that kicked this event off back in 2016 and now has over 350 people coming to the annual event.

Check out  @LDNsCall on twitter or to find out more information or to book tickets visit the Main Website.

Human Security and Salesforce

Join us to delve into the world of Salesforce security, discuss the art of capturing requirements, and learn about the new Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud products.

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Salesforce UK User Groups

This blog post is now out of date. There are now many more user groups in the UK and across Europe. Check out the post 5 years ago today a small event kicked off Salesforce Craziness for a more up to date list

Salesforce user groups are a great place to pick up tips and tricks on how to use Salesforce, apps that you didn’t realise existed or even just to network with other gurus in the industry to get your questions answered.

There are two types of user groups. The normal user groups for Salesforce administrators and users and the developer user groups for people building or wanting to build on the Salesforce platforms.

There is quite a bit going on in the UK Salesforce Community over the next couple of months so here is a run down of the Salesforce user groups in the UK and where to find more information:

London User Group
This is the largest user groups in the country with around 100+ people turning up. Typical structure is a couple talks one being a customer and another being a partner then three breakout sessions to choose from after.
General info: Success Chatter Group
Next event: 15th October – BlueFin, London, SE1

London Developer User Group
There are a couple of different events we do from regular meetings with discussions to hands on training getting people into the platform and collaborate code hacking events.
General Info: London Salesforce Developers Meetup Page
Next event: 23rd Oct – Make Positive

London Non-Profit User Group
This user group is typically a half day event and is great for Non-profit users, consultants and partners to come together and discuss topics specific to Non-profits.
General Info: Success Chatter Group
Next user group meeting: 11th Oct

Bristol ForceWest User Group
Based in Bristol this user group is run by Salesforce partner Desynit.
Discussion: Success Chatter Group
More info:
Next user group meeting: 26th Sept

Bristol Salesforce Platform Developer user group
General info: Meetup group
Next user group meeting: 6th Nov

North West User Group
This is a new user group that is starting up in Manchester.
More info: Success Chatter Group
Next user group meeting: 26th Sept

Scotland User Group
Checkout the Success chatter group for more information.


January Salesforce Developer User group

Wednesday we had the first London Salesforce developer meet up for the new year. It was great to catch up with some old timers but also great to see so many newcomers! This was the second time Make Positive have hosted us, and thanks for all the beer and pizza!!

John Stevenson (@jr0cket) kicked off the evening, well after the pizza and beer anyway, giving an overview of developer user group and the group (slides here). But the key takeaways from him were:

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Salesforce Lumin, the new mobile framework from Salesforce

Last night I was at the Salesforce London user group, it was one of the most organised LUGs I’ve been to!

Firstly there was a keynote from Jim Steele (Chief Customer Officer at Salesforce) with two other customer talks, one from Grant Williams, Sales Director of Blackboard and fascinating talk from Ashly Jones from RSA about their Customer Adoption Story. We then broke into a number of breakout sessions and I went to the mobile breakout session. Read more