Internet of Things top picks for Dreamforce 2015! #IoT

The “Internet of Things” is the buzziest term in technology which has dethroned Big Data (according to Gartner). Gartner also believes that it will become the pillars of digital business and be of huge importance to business going forward and as such there are a load of IoT talks at Dreamforce this year. So that being said I thought I’d share my top IoT sessions picks for Dreamforce 15.

Create Lightning with Lightning & IoT

With Salesforce Lightning Components and Process Builder, it’s now even easier to have physical devices react to events happening within the Salesforce Platform. Join us to learn how to use Lighting Components, basic Apex, Process Builder, push topics, and a simple node.js application to talk to devices to publicly reward success or warn of impending doom within you’re office.
When? Tuesday 12th – 12:45pm to 1.15pm
Where? Moscone West, Inspiration Theater
Who? Francis Pindar
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Building Your own Internet of Things with the LittleBits Salesforce Connector

If you don’t read Andrew Fawcett’s blog, you should! CTO of FinancialForce he’s talks are always really fun and interesting, this one is one not to miss!
Devices are soon to out number humans as connected things on the internet! Are you prepared for judgement day? LittleBits is the perfect hardware complement to Salesforce’s clicks-not-code approach. No knowledge of electronics or even how to solder wires together is required. It’s all plug and play, or clicks-not-solder! There are over 40 LittleBits modules allowing projects such as automatic fish feeders, burglar alarms, or anything you can imagine. Join us to see how we’ve built the LittleBits Connector for Salesforce. Learn to connect your own Internet of Things creations to your Salesforce objects, processes, and reports using clicks-not-code via LittleBits.
Who?Andrew Fawcett
When? Wed – 3.30pm to 4:10pm
Where? Moscone West, 2008
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Creating a Connected Foosball Table with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Salesforce

Innovations in technology and Salesforce now allow individuals to make almost any object “smart” or solve any business problem when placed in capable hands. The Salesforce Studio at Deloitte Digital wanted to make their traditional foosball table “smart enough” to track player statistics and data, ultimately creating a ranking and bracketing algorithm capable of pairing like-skilled players. Join us to see how we’ve combined Internet of Things technologies, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, with the Force.com Streaming API and web services to create automatic game scoring and data logging, and present it in a near real-time, bootstrap-enabled, HTML5 scoring page. The game doesn’t stop with game play. Users can interact and report on player data and statistics through Wave and out-of-the-box Salesforce!
Who?Lonnie Lee Comer &Jeff Kimble
Wed – 10:45am to 11:15am
Where? Moscone West, Developer Theater
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Peter Coffee Fireside Chat: The Power of Wearables in the Workplace

I love listening to Peter Coffee. He thinks and talks at a totally different level to the rest of us… in a good way :).
Achieve unprecedented speed and safety in your workplace with wearables. Workers can now access live data, right from their glasses or smartwatch. Join Peter Coffee, HP, and ClickSoftware to discover ways to incorporate wearables in your workplace. And experience a live demo of FieldExpert, an exciting Salesforce Wear app.
When? Tuesday 15th – 3:00pm to 3:40pm
Where? Palace Hotel, Gold Ballroom
Who?Peter Coffee,Yoav Kolodner
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The Connected Enterprise: The Power of Wearables & IoT

Accelerated by advances in enabling technologies – including the Internet of Things, remote monitoring, mobility, and wearable technology – the Connected Enterprise is a more competitive enterprise. It creates tremendous opportunities for those taking advantage and notable risk for those not preparing a strategic response. Explore how HP, Jarden and other leading businesses are evolving their own products, services and operations and helping their customers join the connected revolution by leveraging wearable technology and the Internet of Things.
When? Wednesday 16th Sept – 10am – 10:40am
Where? Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel, Grand Ballroom B
Who? John Brunswick, Mike Fretwell, Peter Horan, Lindsey Irvine, Charlie Isaacs,Garry Orsolini
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  • Internet of Things top picks for Dreamforce 2015! #IoT

    The “Internet of Things” is the buzziest term in technology which has dethroned Big Data (according to Gartner). Gartner also believes ...
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