London’s Calling 2018

The largest European Community Salesforce event is back! Come learn Salesforce and collaborate with the community.

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London Feb Awesome Admin Meetup

Warm your hearts with the glow of friendly community and stimulate your brain with superstar Salesforce content at our February meeting.

Thanks to TES Global for hosting and to MC Partners for sponsoring the hospitality.


6:00pm – Doors open

6:30pm – Welcome

6:35pm – Demystifying Reports [Laura Walker]

7:05pm – Break The Rules: Create a Custom Setting to Disable Validation Rules [Julia Doctoroff]

7:15pm – Break

7:35pm – London’s Calling Review [Francis Pindar]

7:45pm – London’s Calling Highlight: How to Navigate Your Way Through the Build Phase Without Losing Your Mind [Amanda Beard-Neilson]

8:15pm – Some drinks, some chat, and a leisurely goodbye…

London’s Calling 2017

The largest European Salesforce Community event is coming back to London. I’m one of the co-organisers that kicked this event off back in 2016 and now has over 350 people coming to the annual event.

Check out  @LDNsCall on twitter or to find out more information or to book tickets visit the Main Website.

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My 2016 Salesforce year in review

This time last year I don’t think I could ever have imagined that I would have the time to write a blog post. It was our first London’s Calling with event which involved huge amounts of work, guides to create, banners to be printed, sponsors to coral, bags to stuff, menus to choose, finances to manage, t-shirt to design. We were all maxed out! but the largest community-led event for Salesforce Professionals is back bigger than ever on Feb 10th! (well last year anyway).

What I’m most excited about for this year is our keynote speaker. Those eagle-eyed of you may have spotted some clues around the place. I’m really hoping that they go down well as it’s a little bit different than last year, but I’m staying tight-lipped until we announce… tomorrow! 🙂

For me, LC2017 will be a change in direction for me. But I have to say 2016 was although frustrating on a number of different fronts, the Salesforce front was really quite fun 🙂

My 2016 in Salesforce

Well, I think 2016 was quite an epic year all in all. My main theme for 2016 was vegetables so hopefully, people saw that 🙂 and somehow I found some room to be trustee of a theatre company & get married?!

User groups from London to Sydney & New Zealand!

We had 7 user groups in London at the beginning of the year…

.. and in 2016 another was born. The Pardot user group:

I managed to connect with community members across the globe talking at the Sydney user group, and here’s a pic from the Auckland user group:

Our London Admin user group had its 2yr old birthday!

We had #TrailheadDX Live!!

Salesforce meets AWS

Salesforce announced that it was investing $800m into AWS and moving its core platform over to AWS and with AWS setting up a new London region this is going to be huge. The future is Serverless, in my opinion, and we have Ryan Kronenberg talking all about serverless technology & AWS at London’s Calling.

London World Tour

I spoke on Securing your Salesforce org from your employees and also a talk on how I thought people were missing the point on Salesforce Connect. As well as helping out at the trailhead zone.

and had some great feedback… I did say my 2016 theme was vegetables! Did anyone else spot them?

Also… there was a Star Wars invasion at the London World Tour, thank’s Phil!!

London’s Calling

We ran the first and largest Salesforce community event in Europe! It made some of us… well quite strange… 🙂




Had an epic time at Dreamforce. This year Salesforce went “Trailhead all in” with 170,000 attendees!! I did two talks “Admin’s Guide to Developer Console” and “Salesforce Connect custom adapters”, although bizarrely after getting one of the highest session scores for the dev talk Salesforce has berried the talk video? hmm… maybe my talk was a little to radical 🙂

But The Admin’s Guide to developer console talk went down equally as well:

I helped out at the Security Expert booth and as I walked up to it what did I see but Ben Edwards SF Tools, if you haven’t seen them check them out!

At the awesome people party I had a caricature created of me 🙂

Was one of the presenters at the Dreamforce SMB DemoJam:

Yes, a grew a tail! Maybe I had been hanging out in the Trailhead zone too long? 🙂

MidWest Dreamin

I had the honour of running the DemoJam at MidWest Dreamin. Was great fun! and we’re doing it again at London’s Calling with 13 sponsors!

Salesforce year in review

As Salesforce comes to its year-end the company has continued its growth up 25%. But it’s interesting to see over the past year or so Salesforce has really started looking at vertical growth through the finance cloud and health cloud offerings. It’s a nice start and hopefully if these are successful more will follow, but still no-where near SAPs 25 odd verticals. Salesforce has also focused its Health cloud around patient records but it will be interesting to see how this develops in 2017.

AI & Automation

I believe we are now in the age of automation. The landscape is changing and Salesforce is pushing that envelope around automation and AI for companies. Salesforce’s acquisitions into AI I think are a great step forward. But with AI comes collaboration of data to allow machine learning so for me there are still hurdles to overcome around privacy as well as cost.


It’s been a fun year, including all the other things I got up too, getting married, honeymoon and not to mention the charity work I’ve been doing as trustee of Baseless Fabric Theatre.

But, 2017 sees a change in direction for me which I’m announcing at London’s Calling on the 10th Feb. Onwards and upwards. Let’s make 2017 great again 😉


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Event Financing and Sponsorship, learning the hard way

We had no money, no experience running tech events, no speakers and 4 months to get the event up and running. But before reality set in we were sitting on a pier in San Francisco just before Dreamforce 2015 thinking it would be oh so easy!… or maybe it was the champagne that was talking?

I was invited to do a talk on Financing and sponsorship. I had only just got off the plane from New Zealand so I am a little jetlagged but hopefully, it’s useful for other people running tech events. Thanks to the rest of the winning LC2016 team: Jodi, Simon and Kerry


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London’s Calling what you missed & how it came together

Missed London’s Calling? Checkout the video above! But this is how it all started…

It all really kicked off just before Dreamforce 2015 with Jodi Wagner, Simon Goodyear, Louise Lockie, Kerry Townsend & several bottles of Champagne. We were sitting around the table and the conversation turned to something I think we had all been mulling over for some time. The creation of an event for the Salesforce community, BY the Salesforce community. An event where we could learn from community experts in Salesforce who had been at the coal face. An event that wasn’t a Sales event, but an event for Salesforce Admins & Developers designed to help us learn from each other and find out about new Apps in the Salesforce ecosystem whilst have fun doing it! 🙂 Needless to say, Will Coleman turned up and more Champagne was drunk and then…

London's Calling Napkin

London’s Calling Napkin

London’s Calling was born… Our first rough sketch of the event (on the back of a napkin) consisted of a two-day event, this quickly reduced down to one day. Let’s “start small” and see what happens, hey no one may turn up!

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The largest European community Salesforce event is born!

This event was on 5th Feb 2016 and has ended. Watch out for next year!

Well, it all started at Dreamforce with a group of us sitting around a table a pub discussing a big community event for the UK. An event where Salesforce developers, admins & technical architects, etc could all come together and collaborate. The opportunity to learn from each other on topics we all find interesting or challenging to solve. To inspire and most of all have some fun,

So enter “London’s Calling“. We’ve found an amazing venue SkillsMatter CodeNode, which is dedicated for technology events. So on the 5th Feb 2016, we will take it over for one day only! So what’s going to happen?

  • Opening address from Eric Kuhl; For those who don’t know Erica I think she was the 6th employee to join Salesforce, and she now heads up more or less all community activities at Salesforce.
  • Loads of sessions from community members; We are going to have a load of sessions for admins, devs & business leaders with several tracks of talks to choose from.
  • Keynote from Peter Coffee; You’ve probably seen him talking at the Dreamforce keynotes but when you go to his talks you realise he’s 20 years ahead of everyone. Can’t wait for this!!
  • Non-Profit: We have to charge for the event to pay for the venue, food etc but we’re not making any money out of this event. It’s by the community for the community. If a load more people come than we expect all profits will either be given to charity and/or kept for the next community event.
  • Plus loads more… Demo Jam, Sponsor Expo floor, amazing lunch & after event party!!

So sound interesting? Super Early Bird tickets ON SALE Grab yours now before they all go!

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If you are interested in being a speaker please let us know (if you do talk your ticket will be refunded).

If you are interested in Sponsoring, let us know too!